photography expedition
Namibia 2021
African Journey
From the 1rd of November to the 12rd of November 2021 for $ 3200 + airplane tickets.
Let's go to Namibia with us! Why?
To greet the sunrise in the Namib Desert and see the day off with a dinner on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

To hug a cheetah and find out that it purrs like a cat, to gently stroke a silky pelican, to be in the world's largest herd of fur seals, to wave to penguins and dolphins from a catamaran, to learn how to immediately differentiate a springbuck from an impala, a gnu from an oryx, and to learn why a guinea fowl is considered to be the most dangerous animal in Namibia.

To improve your photography skills under the guidance of a professional photographer. And yes, you can go without a camera, just with a regular phone. Astonishing photos are guaranteed in any case.

To try the world's tastiest oysters, grilled meat of wild animals, famous biltong, extra fresh seafood, and amazing wine from the neighboring South Africa.

To visit the ghost town of Kolmanskop, Dead Vlei, and listen to the legends of the Skeleton Coast.

To get familiar with everyday life of the most unusual tribe in Africa!

To enjoy safari in one of the largest national parks and feel yourself inside of the Animal Planet channel.

To have the time of your life, find new friends, get charged with the energy of the Sun and come home with a whole bunch of impressions!
It is important to know the following:
  • 1
    We will wake up early and go to sleep early, but you will like it)
  • 2
    Be ready for long journeys, including those on untreated gravel roads. Namibia is big and we want to see all of its most exciting places!
  • 3
    Cell phone coverage and internet connection will not be available everywhere, often there will be no connection while on the road, but a short digital detox has never brought harm to anyone – we are going to look around instead of looking on the screen!
  • 4
    If you don't eat meat or have any allergies, please, make sure to inform us about it in advance, and we will make the best of it. We will not be able to always have a full lunch — sandwiches will be offered for lunch often, while on the road. But you will definitely remember wonderful dinners for a long time!
  • 5
    Before leaving Russia it is necessary to make a PCR test, and another PCR test is required before the return flight depending on the route chosen, but we will help you with that.
  • 6
    It is safe in Namibia, there is no malaria or yellow fever, no vaccines are required.
  • 7
    We will surely get acquainted before the journey and discuss all the details, so that your goose bumps are only caused by admiration and enjoyment of the journey, which you will remember for a long time.
  • 8
    Our tour starts and finishes in the city of Windhoek, we will help you find the most convenient flights to it, if you need such assistance.
What should I take with me?
  • 1. Comfortable clothes that does not hinder your movements (shorts, several T-shirts, long light pants and a shirt with long sleeves to protect your skin from the Sun, a cap or a sunhat, comfy flip-flops/sandals, comfy snickers to climb the sand dunes and cliffs, a windbreaker for sea voyages, a fleece jacket or a light down coat in case it is cold in the morning, a beautiful flyaway dress, if you are planning to be on the other side of the camera lens). We will have an opportunity to wash clothes, so don't take too much with you.
  • 2. Camera, chargers, power bank — everything is clear here! You have questions about the photo-equipment? Please, feel free to get a consultation from us!
  • 3. Your personal medical kit with the medication, necessary for you. We will have a general medical kit. If you get seasick, take the medication that works for you.
  • 4. Sun protection products and a good moisturizing crème.
  • 5. You better leave the high heels, clothes for special occasions, books to read before bed and your favorite teddy bear at home and save some space in your luggage for souvenirs.
  • November 1
    Day 1

    We meet in the morning in Windhoek, get acquainted and travel to the North to the first overnight stop, meeting each warthog and baboon, which crosses our road, with lots of enthusiasm. We will make a lunch stop in the middle of the way in a small town and try to find beauty in the nontypical Namibia. It is a regular town, where things are humming without tourists. We will try biltong on the way — it is the main gastronomic specialty of Namibia. Check-in at a guesthouse, dinner.
  • November 2
    Day 2

    We wake up early in the morning and go for a walk, accompanied by two tame cheetahs that will be pleased to sit for portraits for us and let us stroke them. After that we will go for a walk in the forest of aloe trees that grow only in this part of the world and visit the Giant's Playground — a unique place from a geological point of view. If we are lucky, we will observe slender-tailed meerkats that live here. Transfer to the ocean, check-in at a hotel, dinner.
  • November 3
    Day 3

    We start this day with a sea voyage to watch penguins and dolphins. We will have breakfast in the sea and right after that we will go to the most mysterious place of Namibia – the abandoned ghost town Kolmanskop that is a true paradise for photographers with its surrealistic sands and shadows. If there is some strength left, we will make a stop wear the railways, covered with the sands of the desert, and then we will go to a hotel to have rest. When the sun goes down, we will go to a traditional braai (barbeque) on the shore of the ocean.
  • November 4
    Day 4
    Today we are going to have the longest journey to the dunes of Sossusvlei. We will have a substantial breakfast and get ready to have a bumpy ride on the gravel roads, looking for oryxes, springbucks and ostriches. Check-in at a lodge. Dinner.
  • November 5
    Day 5
    At the crack of dawn, we take our places in four-wheel drive off-roaders and drive to the national park to conquer the highest dunes and take the most fantastic photos in Dead Vlei — a signature place of Namibia. Right after that we are going to have breakfast, served right here in the shadow of few trees. We will go back to a lodge to spend the hottest part of the day there, relax at the pool and have lunch, and we will go back to the park in the evening to climb the dune 45.
  • November 6
    Day 6
    We bid farewell to the dunes and go back to the ocean to the cozy town of Swakopmund. We will make a stop on the way in a small village with rich history, we will try the most famous apple pie in Namibia, we will sit in the rusty retro cars, we will make a stop at a scenic viewpoint to enjoy a picturesque canyon, and a little later we will take a group photo and open some bottles of Champaign to celebrate the crossing of Tropic of Capricorn. Check-in at a guesthouse, dinner.
  • November 7
    Day 7
    We will start this day with a trip to the world's biggest colony of fur seals. We will follow the salty road along the one and only Skeleton Coast where hundreds of ships died. We will definitely make a stop near one of them and listen to its story. We will get back closer to lunch time. If you wish to, we can go for a walk in a town a little bit and then go to watch flamingos and cosmic pink lakes. Dinner and return to a guesthouse.
  • November 8
    Day 8
    It is a rest day that you can spend the way you want: driving buggies or ATVs on the dunes or doing the sandboarding (not included in the price) or having a day full of adventures with a voyage to the sea, accompanied by dolphins and pelicans. We will watch the fur seals playing in the water, eat oysters and drink Champaign right on board and we'll travel to the shore, where four-wheel drive off-roaders with professional guides will be waiting for us. They will bring us to a national park to see how the world's oldest desert meets the ocean. It is a fantastic place in terms of its energy! We will learn how salt is extracted, try to find rare geckos in the sands, walk on the dunes and have dinner right on the ocean's shore.
  • November 9
    Day 9
    We are going to the Spitzkoppe national park to climb unique rock foundations, go up to the unbelievably beautiful natural arch and have lunch in the shadow of huge stones. Then we will visit the bushmen to find out more about the everyday life of one of the most astonishing tribes of Africa!
  • November 10
    Day 10
    We bid farewell to the ocean and head to the national park. We check in at a lodge and go the evening safari. Giraffes, rhinos, elephants, lions, zebras… And this is only a part of the animals waiting for us here. We return to a lodge by dinner time.
  • November 11
    Day 11
    After the morning safari, we are going to the most photogenic Himba tribe.
  • November 12
    Day 12
    We have breakfast and go to the airport. On the way, we will make a stop at a handicraft market and biltong factory to buy souvenirs. Recommended time of departure from Windhoek is after 4 P.M.
The price of the tour is $3200
What is included in the price:
- paired accommodation in lodges and guesthouses;
- comfortable minivan with a professional driver on the whole route;
- 4х4 off-roaders for safari, excursions to Sossusvlei and Swakopmund;
- travel-photography training each day;
- food (breakfasts, lunches during journey and excursions every day, the majority of dinners);
- drinking water (soft drinks and spirits (except for excursions and dinner on the shore) shall be paid separately);
- Russian-speaking guides along the whole route;
- all excursions, activities and entertainment, stated in the program;
- entrance tickets and permits to the national parks, areas of relaxation, tracking and safari.
What is not included in the price:
- flight to Windhoek and back from your city (but we can help you with the booking of airplane tickets);
- lunches in the café (based on our experience, the majority of people don't need lunch, if they have a substantial breakfast, dinner and snacks on the way, but you will have an opportunity to eat in a café on your own or spend this time doing something else, as you wish);
- some dinners (you will have an opportunity to choose a restaurant to your liking in Swakopmund and Luderitz and have dinner);
- personal expenses, Covid-19 tests, tips and souvenirs;
- additional activities in Swakopmunde (sandboarding, baggy, ATV, airplane flight)..
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